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Jodel DR-1050 - Changelog

30 December 2015 - 10:54 PM

V 1.2-beta | 10/01/2016
- Add engine starter on panel
- Add carburator heat indication on panel
- Add mixture indication on panel
- Add pump indication on panel
- Panel lights is fully functional
- Turn coordinator is fully functional
- Fixed bug #000021: Rotation of magneto key is reverse
- Fixed bug #000025: Out of range for the mobile part of attitude indicator is fix
V 1.1-beta | 30/12/2015
- Adding all missing indications on panel
- Mixture lever, carburator heat lever and throttle lever is fully functional
- Adding breaker, heating and "bat / alt" marking on the panel
- Reduce polygon to optimize the 3D model
- Little improvement for hour meter gauge
- Oil pressure gauge fully functional
- Voltmeter gauge fully functional
- Fuel pressure gauge fully functional
- Oil temperature gauge fully functional
- Fuel gauges fully functional
- Improvement the view for the co-pilot
- Fixed bug #000020: The suction needle gives out of range values
- Fixed bug #000019: Problem with texture for the suction indication gauge
- Fixed bug #000018: Visiblity of glass gauge is not perfect
- Fixed bug #000016: Incoherence flaps between the 3D model and flight model
- Fixed bug #000014: Position view of the the pilot is unsuitable
- Fixed bug #000013: Rotation of proppeller is incorrect
- Fixed bug #000012: Incorrect placement for registration under the wing of F-BKHP repaint
V 1.0-beta | 26/12/2015
- First beta version of Jodel DR-1050